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RhythmOne plc, previously known as Blinkx, and also known as RhythmOne Group, is an American digital advertising technology company that owns and operates the web properties AllMusic, AllMovie, and SideReel.

A former employee shares his opinion on, "RhythmOne (Blinkx) has been going downhill for a while now. Poor leadership, declining revenue, lack of client relationships & frequent layoffs. I would not recommend this company."


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Junior Developer (Former Employee) says

"Unless you are a developer with twenty years of experience and a master's degree you are considered subhuman. The primary focus is to get the ads (despite what they say they are an ad server) on somebody's machine no matter what so that all the company's software borders on malware and everything is about the pennies that are being made NOW and not the nickels and dimes that could be made tomorrow by actually fixing the problem.There are constant fires that are always being stamped out but never killed, it is an unsustainable business model and the environment is one of immediate greed instead of lunchesthe shame of working on pop-up ads"

Account Manager of Content (Former Employee) says

"Management is not aware what employees should be doing. They're just trying to put out fires and covers their jobs. The work culture is pretty relaxed. Free lunch on Thursdays and Bocce ball tournaments every couple months.Free lunches, relaxed work atmosphereJob is not safe and management is not sure what they are doing"

Slayer443 says

"SCAMMER getting personal INFORMATION! They ask for copy of photo ID and all details of paypal transactions. Dodgy as! Do not use them! Be warned. Why on earth would they want your real name, number and address AFTER you paid them???"

James Mock says

"people no good"

J R says

"Before I even ordered I went to their chat and checked stock. They originally said they didnt have it but then changed their tune after I asking me who much i wanted to order. I placed the order then I checked back with chat and they said we never had it that somehow they thought I wanted gold for a completely different game even though they asked and I told them which game I wanted it for THREE TIMES. SO they say 5-8 hours and I'm like okay it's night time. I'll just go to bed and get it in the morning. I check in almost 16 hours later and they say nope, nothing. Check back in another 5-8 hours... which I do and they send me half and say we cant get the other half right now. Then they TURNED OFF the chat button and when I click on it on my phone and my computer it does nothing. The same people run SSEGOLD it's the exact same people just with a different skin on the website... and they charge more on sse..... I mean c'mon. Freaking crazy."

Dan says

"Order some IG money. Told out stock. Okay this is fine, was told 8 to 10 hours I would have it. Okay this is fine. 3 days later I still have zilch. This is not fine. Thebslightly higher price of others is far superior as I actually get it relatively quickly. Will NEVER use this again."

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